Buy Batman Driving Arcade Game

Buy Batman Driving Arcade Game Online

Buy Batman Driving Arcade Game developed by specular interactive and released by raw thrills. The game can be single player or multi player if there is a linked cabinet.

Raw Thrills is pleased to announce their latest arcade-style driving game, Buy Batman Driving Arcade Game! Players don the persona of The Caped Crusader by choosing one of ten Bat mobiles from the TV show to The Dark Knight to rid Gotham City streets of crime.

Batman is a vehicular combat game missions await the player as they attempt to foil Bane, Mr. Freeze & The Joker. Plus there are Aerial Missions featuring “The Bat”.

Mission-based gameplay encourages continue play plus a player account system keeps track of mission progress/high scores.

Batman The Dark Ride

In the website named batman game only, I found a wonderful game. Ride your batman motorbike and collect coins to score points. Face many challenges even as passing different levels.
  • Enjoy racing in your motorcycle.
  • You will get a few more points for each turn.
  • Be cautious due to the fact you might crash.
  • The background will change with each stage, from darkish town to rocky street inside the full moonlight.
  • Use arrow up key to transport ahead.
  • Use down key to move backward.
  • In order to turn use left or proper arrow keys.

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